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  1. Basic ODS support (detail)
  2. Replace switch statement in ods.vert with if/else chain to support certain Intel Graphics Drivers (detail)
  3. Fix back image of ODS projection (detail)
  4. Fix ODS distortion math and reduce IPD to normal 0.14 (detail)
  5. Add lighting and damage indication to ODS rendering (detail)
  6. Only tick once per ODS frame instead of twice (detail)
  7. Fix rendering GUI when rendering ODS frames (detail)
  8. Add stereo metadata injection in ODS videos (detail)
  9. Swap left and right image (detail)
  10. Add fog to ODS rendering (detail)
  11. Add GuiDropdownMenu (detail)
  12. Fix NPEs in AbstractGuiTextField when no change listener is set (detail)
  13. Add GuiFileChooser to new GUI API (detail)
  14. Allow removal of texture in GuiImage (detail)
  15. Add direct upload to YouTube support (detail)

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