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  1. Fix (character, portal, enchantment) animations during speed up / slowed (detail)
  2. Force mouse to be visible during path playback even if game closes (detail)
  3. Only allow a single keyframe to be selected Fix crash when adding (detail)
  4. Properly texture position keyframe button for spectator keyframes (detail)
  5. Add clear all keyframes key (detail)
  6. Add synchronize time key (detail)
  7. Fix button size of hotkey buttons (detail)
  8. Add (unset) key binding for opening the ReplaySettings gui from within (detail)
  9. Add path preview key binding (detail)
  10. Add rotation key bindings (detail)
  11. Move remaining mixins to replay module (detail)
  12. Remove remaining old packages (detail)
  13. Add linear interpolation to simplepathing (detail)
  14. Emit RenderTickEvent during video rendering (detail)
  15. Sort hotkey buttons alphabetically (detail)
  16. Automatically update hotkey button labels when keybinding is changed (detail)
  17. Add direct upload to YouTube support (detail)
  18. Allow marker removal using the DELETE key (detail)
  19. Made YouTube video upload asynchronous from the GUI (detail)
  20. Properly save and replay FMLProxyPackets (detail)
  21. Store networking mods in replay file and compare installed versions on (detail)
  22. Unbind PBO after binding it for initial setup (detail)
  23. Before direct YouTube upload, inject 360° Metadata in Equirectangular (detail)

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