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  1. Deselect Keyframe when timeline is changed (fixes #2) (detail)
  2. Apply render settings only when their checkbox is enabled (fixes #3) (detail)
  3. Deselect keyframe when left clicking empty space on timeline (fixes #6) (detail)
  4. Revert ReplayCenter compatibility checking from "Update to Minecraft (detail)
  5. Add compatibility checking to ReplayViewer and ReplayCenter (fixes #7) (detail)
  6. Cleanup deleted corrupted replays after two days (fixes #1) (detail)
  7. Pause replay after path playback (fixes #5) (detail)
  8. Update ReplayStudio (detail)
  9. Open Replay on double click (fixes #9) (detail)
  10. Fix several sounds and the block break effect not being recorded (fixes (detail)

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  • origin/1.9.4