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  1. Update jGui (detail)
  2. Add gradle tasks for automating the release process (detail)
  3. Add GUI that offers the user to install OpenEye (detail)
  4. Properly register replay restrictions plugin channel (detail)
  5. Update jGui (fixes #15) (detail)
  6. Increase spacing between rows in the render settings gui (detail)
  7. Center star between resolution fields in render settings gui (detail)
  8. Fix camera player head being visible while in third person (detail)
  9. Fix bitrate field always being active regardless of selected preset (detail)
  10. Update jGui Fix popups being drawn outside of the actually visible (detail)
  11. Fix marker not being deselected when clicking anywhere else (detail)
  12. Fix markers not being removed (detail)
  13. Allow deletion of selected keyframes by pressing the DELETE key (fixes (detail)
  14. Allow moving the keyframe timeline cursor by dragging (fixes #18) (detail)
  15. Update jGui Fix handling of ESC key in popups (fixes #17) (detail)
  16. Add error popup when trying to play path with reversed time keyframes (detail)
  17. Fix crash when moving the last keyframe (detail)
  18. Fix crash when setting two keyframes to the same time via the edit (detail)
  19. Fix camera path always playing from the beginning regardless of ctrl key (detail)
  20. Add tooltips to ingame buttons (detail)
  21. Replace custom update system with forge update checker (detail)
  22. Make sure video folder exists before rendering (fixes #24) (detail)
  23. Fix spectated player having the arm model of the camera player (detail)
  24. Change video preview to be compatible with Optifine (detail)
  25. Add compatibility for GLSL Shaders (detail)
  26. Draw the GuiVideoRenderer on a separate framebuffer that has the actual (detail)
  27. Add Optifine compatibility to rendering by disabling their separate (detail)
  28. Fix opening a replay multiple times by quickly double clicking (fixes (detail)
  29. Make ShaderReflection init fail fast, not printing out unneeded (detail)
  30. Download OpenEye via http because of outdated java versions (detail)

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Revision: 682fb4bfdcd1ca97ea775ab9da75f78b32b07fd9
  • origin/1.8